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Shop for Shatter Batter - Homemade/Commercial Hash Oil Emulsifier.

Shatter Batter Vape Juice Is Easy to UsIs Easy to Use!
Mix Your Wax Into Shatter Batter In MomentsCan Be Mixed In Moments!
Works with Wax, Oil, Isolate, Shatter, Butter and Isolates
Great Flavor
Available for shipping almost anywhere on the planet.
Available Wholesale and Retail.
Stays Mixed.


Shatter Batter is an innovative product that lets you mix your herbal concentrates into this fine emulsifier to make a dank, flavorful oil that is compatible with your Tank and Drip kits.

Shatter Batter has worked with a flavor house that has years of experience in developing quality tasty flavors. We have combined these amazing flavors with our "magical" mix of proprietary ingredients to make the highest quality liquidizing agent for your product. A perfect flavorful liquidizer for your wax. 

Shatter Batter will liquidize your fine herbal/essential oil  Concentrates. 

You need to search no further to figure out how to make your own herbal oil. Shatter Batter makes this process extremely Fast, Easy and Cost Effective. 

Shatter Batter works well with almost all concentrates but we advise against using products that have plant matter/botanical fibers.  Perfect for wax, shatter, butter, rosin, isolate and almost any shiny concentrate. 

Shatter Batter is highly discreet. You can vape pretty much when and where you want. The flavor and scent make for a more enjoyable experience for you and make it very hard for anyone around you to know what exactly you are puffing on. 

 Home Made Hash OilWill Ship World Wide.
Available In UK Canada Australia and The USIs Legal Almost Everywhere.
Make Your Own Hash OIlIs Available Wholesale and Retail. With tiered pricing. 
Great Flavored Hash OilMust be 18 or Older to Purchase or Of Legal Age In Your Area.