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Wholesale Inquiry

We are very glad you are considering Shatter Batter - Wax and Shatter Liquidizer. 

You will find that Shatter Batter has full keystone mark up and tiered pricing. 

We have found that if you can get your sales staff on board, this can be one of the best selling juices/products in your store or on your website. On top of the keystone pricing many of our customers have found that they are able to up-sell vape tanks, vape pens and atomizers. 

Currently Shatter Batter has shipped to 4 countries and will ship worldwide. 

We are working hard to make this as automated of a process as possible. The Shatter-Batter IT department is working hard to set-up online ordering but, if you prefer the human touch we would love to have you give us a phone call or email to place an order.

To Get more information on the product please feel free to contact our friendly sales team at 


UK Number coming soon

or contact us via email