Shatter Batter Sampler 7 Bottles 1 of each flavor

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It doesn't matter if it's not Shatter Batter. So Batter Up people and get the top emulsifier for your shatter and wax.
A 30 ml bottle capable of converting up to 10 grams of your favorite wax into Juice perfect for almost any pen.
Shatter Batter - Liquidize your herbal and wax
Shatter Batter is an innovative product made in Colorado Springs that cleverly works as a liquidizer for your herbal products. Perfect liquidizer for wax, shatter, butter and almost any of your favorite concentrates. It turns your product into an infused liquid perfect for almost any pen. Good to the last puff. 
Infusing Shatter Batter takes just a moment.
1. Place 1 gram of concentrate into a small silicone container or shot glass.
2. Add 3 or more ml of your favorite Shatter Batter. 
3. Microwave on high 12-15 seconds or heat in a double boiler for live resins.
4. Stir vigorously
5. Pour liquid into your favorite tank
6. Puff and ENJOY!!!
Shatter Batter Flavor Profiles
Natural - Unflavored for those that enjoy the flavor of their concentrates.
Fruit Frenzy -A frenzy of fruit flavors. Strawberries, mangoes, pineapples and raspberries.
Ruby Rose - A delicate blend of strawberries, watermelons and cream.
Melon Craze - A mix of your favorite melon flavors.
Nutty Nana - As crazy as your Nana. A perfect representation of Banana Nut Bread.
Grapesicle - Just like your favorite treat as a kid. Grape Popsicle.
Pink Lemonade - As refreshing as a glass of cool clean lemonade.
Sampler - 1 30 ml bottle of each of the above awesome flavors. 
Available wholesale and retail with tiered pricing.